Maman Maman Maman

a film by Luci Lux.

Do we really know our closest relatives? Since 200 years, Lucia Margarita Bauer’s family gathers once a year in a chateau in the center of France. One recent summer, she took her camera with her and filmed the annual reunion.
Her film “Maman Maman Maman” is an observant portrait of four generations of her relatives and of the chateau — as told by her mother Anne-Marie. We see and hear one cousin crooning, the family gathering at the dining table and a granduncle who still seems to live in the Vichy age. A year later her grandmother dies. Embedded in the increasingly absurd narration of the family summit, “Maman Maman Maman” tells the bizarre story of a woman who, after her death, went on a journey that eventually turns into a odyssey — in a steel coffin.

Suported by Filmwerkstatt Kiel and Künstlerinnenstipendium Film/Video Berliner Senat.

In production.