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Jeremy Y. call Bobby O. oder Morgenthau Without Tears

a film by
René Frölke

The story of a Sisyphus.
Fractions from a restless city life.
Again and again reoccurring thoughts,
mind games on missed opportunities,
decisions made way back.
No freedom equals all the freedom you can have.
Anyway, time is running, no standstill, no return.
Today again, so much to be done. Also tomorrow.
Life an endless day, interwoven with a parade,
euphoria of a new era, people crossing a street,
a face in Central Park. A breathless face.
It just comes back from work.
A city, oscilating between Longing and Regret.

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editor: Mike Gürgen
music: Marjorie Eliot, Dominic Fitzgerald
producer: Ann Carolin Renninger

supported by
Filmförderung Hamburg
Filmwerkstatt Kiel